5 Reasons To Use Blockout Curtains

Blockout curtains are usually the last thing that comes to mind when we think of buying new drapes for our homes. People often regard them as patternless, thick, and just dark – a gloomy house is the last thing anyone wants to have.

But that’s where we’re all wrong about blockout curtains. Here are some benefits you should know about having these thick, dark or not so dark drapes:

1. They make your room quieter

blackout curtains
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Blockout curtains helps with noise reduction because they’re made of dense material. Their construction is normally made up of various layers and is measured in GSM. GSM (also known as gm/2) = grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric.To put this in perspective a normal A4 sheet of paper is 80GSM. So when we see specifications of fabric of 240GSM its 3 x the density in weight per square meter. When sound travels it travels as waves, as these waves penetrate the fabric certain frequencies are cancelled out or chopped hence reducing the amount of noise that comes into the room. This is a great investment if your place is near a highway or a busy road. Those who work from home will really benefit from these drapes as well.

2. They help you save on bills

blackout curtains
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Believe it or not, these blockout curtains retain and keep out heat at the same time! Australia can get really hot sometimes, and most of us tend to like to leave the air conditioner on all day to stay cool. These curtains can help to keep the heat out during hot days, which means you can save on your air conditioning bills! As in previous blogs you could save up to as much as 25% of the heating and cooling bill. Lets face it power costs aren't going down, so anything we can do to naturally keep the heat out in summer and the heat in during winter the better off the hip pocket will be. 

3. Blackout curtains help you sleep better

blackout curtains
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Blockout Curtains will help you sleep better. Studies show our bodies cycle during sleep particularly in and out of light and deep sleep can never fully rest when there’s sunlight or other artificial light coming into the room, which is why you should sleep with the lights off, curtains closed. Blockout curtains can eliminate up to 99.9% of light depending on the quality of the curtain you purchase. We may not notice sleep deprivation immediately but over time it taxes your body and mental capacity to function at 100%. 

4. They give you maximum privacy

blackout drapes
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Depending on where you live privacy may or may not be an issue. For those of us that either value our privacy or really have neighbors right next to us, silhouettes can be seen when the interior is brighter than the outside, and sometimes curtains can even become semi-transparent! Blockout curtains are the ultimate in giving you privacy. With its thick and dense material, blockout curtains can really shield the insides of your home from prying eyes. When paired up with sheer curtains or an opaque blind for day time privacy you are able to allow light into the room whilst still having the privacy needed. 

5. They last longer

black curtains
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Unlike most curtains, blockout curtains are typically heavier and given the multiple layer are more durable, lasting longer. Some still have rubber backing which is responsible for the elimination of light some, now a days there are various alternatives and some have special coatings specific for addressing thermal properties. Given the relatively low cost of Blockout curtains the investment compared to normal curtains makes them much cheaper in the long run. 


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